Hyper Modern Writing provides a variety of online content development and creation services. Our principal, Thursday Bram, has written for big name sites like CNET, GigaOm and Open Forum. She’s even crashed a new client’s server with the first post she wrote (it hit the front page of Digg and the server just couldn’t handle the load — we now make a point of talking about your server’s abilities when planning a project).

We have a great team here at Hyper Modern Writing, with writers who have been blogging since 2002. Considering the word ‘blog’ wasn’t even coined until 1997 (according to Wikipedia), we think we’re doing pretty good. We also know the best designers and developers in the business, so we can help you complete an entire project. We don’t just send you some copy and call it a day; we want your words to reach the far end of the internet.

But why should you take our word for it? We’re happy to let our clients speak for us:

“Thursday is the most professional writer I have ever worked with. She works quickly — insanely quickly — and produces top-quality prose no matter how challenging the assignment. A year after leaving Stepcase Lifehack, some of her content continues to be in our list of most popular pages.In her time at Stepcase Lifehack, Thursday was consistently generous with her time and ideas for improving, developing, and promoting the site, and continued to be even after her departure.” Dustin Wax, Contributing Editor/Project Manager, Stepcase Lifehack

“Thursday has been an integral part of my blog’s growth since the beginning. She has produced scores of timely, high-quality, traffic-generating content. I’m constantly amazed with her ability to research and write on a diverse range of complex topics with little-to-no direction. She’s truly a professional blogger!” Chris Cairns, Owner, Smart Life

Hyper Modern Writing is a part of Hyper Modern LLC, a Maryland-based corporation.