Best Blogging Package

We put together what we consider to be the best blogging package out there with a very specific type of client in mind. Because many businesses and individuals find that it’s difficult to keep up with a regular blogging schedule and still handle all the other work that needs to get done, this package is designed to be an easy solution: when you bring us in, you know that your blog will be updated regularly and that we will promote your posts so that you get the full impact of blogging. This package includes the following:

  • 12 blog posts, written to be posted to your blog over the course of a month
  • Tweets, Facebook updates and other social media posts that you can use to promote the posts through your own social media accounts
  • 4 hours of promotion services, tailored to your topic
  • A consulting session on the technical aspects of making your blog more effective for your business

Because we’ve built this package with the idea of helping your business in the long-term, we feel that consulting session is particularly important. If you decide that having us put together twelve posts for your blog each month is just the ticket when it comes to building up your blog’s audience, you’ll get a consulting session each month. That lets us help you plan long-term strategies, based on your blog.

“As a longtime admirer of Thursday’s work, I felt like I had won a prize when she agreed to write for us at the Outright blog. Thursday’s posts are consistently informative, well-researched, thoughtful and relevant to the freelancers and small business owners who use Outright. Aside from her great writing talent, she is also always on time, professional and consistent. I couldn’t wish to work with a better blogger and I highly recommend her for any blogging or other writing position.” — Jennifer Dunn

The price for the Best Blogging Package is $1,425. If you are interested in purchasing more than one month’s worth of blog posts, please contact us for a discounted rate.

You can see samples of the wide variety of posts we’ve written inside this PDF.

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