Before we dive into the different services we offer, we’d like to walk you through how we work.

Projects, Not Hourly Rates
We know online content inside and out. That’s why we work on a per project basis. In looking through our site, you’ll notice that we offer specific projects. These are the areas where we really expect to be able to help you. We’ve been writing online long enough that we can do a lot better for you than just listing out a couple of different writing services that we offer. With the projects we take on, we want to make sure that you get everything you need to bring in the traffic and business you need. We do have an a la carte services list, but we hope you’ll take advantage of our expertise first with our set packages.

On top of that, there are only a few rare situations in which we charge an hourly rate, rather than setting a project rate from the get go. We prefer to give you a set rate the day we start working with you — and with most projects we can.

Absolutely Unique Content
When we write a piece of content for you, it’s yours. We work on work-for-hire basis so that we can guarantee you unique content. That’s one of the reasons our pricing structure works the way it does. Because we write each piece of content specifically for you as a client, there’s no chance that we would ever use it anywhere else. Many writers will put together articles in such a way that they can reuse them or even resell them after submitting them to a client. We guarantee that we will never do that. But, because of that guarantee, we do require payment before starting on a new project.

Design, Promotion and the Other Details
We all know content is king, but content has to look good to be effective. That’s why our packages include the whole deal, down to making sure that your content gets circulated out to the appropriate people who can promote it. If you have someone already on your team who can handle certain aspects of these projects, please let us know. We’re always happy to work with someone new.

The Hyper Modern Writing Process
The details depend on the specific project, of course, but here are the basics:

  1. You place an order for one of our packages and make a deposit, allowing us to get started.
  2. Based on the information you provide us, we’ll set up a preliminary timeline, conduct any necessary reviews and prep for the project.
  3. We will schedule a meeting (usually via telephone or Skype) to go over the preliminary materials and get the go ahead to proceed.
  4. Working with our team, we prepare your content. As needed, we bring in designers, developers and other specialists to make sure everything works.
  5. Once the project is complete, we turn it over to you for the final revision and approval process. At this point, any final payments are due.